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internal & external audiences


Engage leadership and remote associates with dynamic live-packaged presentations, gamification and polling

Virtual all-hands meetings
TE Microsite to replace virtual exhibit

Deliver targeted content, videos, and docent lead presentions through user activated hot-spots

Virtual exhibit microsite
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Immerse internal-external audiences with training technologies that combine education and engagement

Virtual training-workshops

Showcase your key products and solutions within a virtual environment that feels familiar to your customers

Virtual environment microsites

Demonstrate product functionality using 3D virtual simulations

Virtual product simulations
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Personalize product stories using scripted professional presenters filmed against a green-screen environment

Virtual presenters

Recognize VIPs with promotions that combine a physical package & streaming virtual event

Virtual VIP events
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Synchronize your playbook of virtual activations customized around an annual promotional calendar

Virtual playbook
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Bring together your sales force in a thematic and content driven multi day event.

Virtual Sales Meeting
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Showcase your latest innovations in an immersive customer environment designed to engage.

Virtual User Conference


to engage audiences at trade shows & events

Live Marketing - Dynamic Live Presentation

Attract and engage audiences longer using live-scripted presenters and brand ambassadors

Tell brand stories

Empower your staff with digi(tale), a proprietary tablet based app to demonstrate survey, data-collect

Capture guest experiences

Highly-trained (temp)Troops are your 'on-the-ground' experts in the art of engagement. They supplement or replace event staff saving corporate T&E and potential staff exposure to the virus.

Supplement & protect staffers

Immerse audiences in your end-to-end solution story using AR-VR-Mixed Reality

Techify your story
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Power-up key content with gamification solutions designed to drive audience engagement

Gamify your message

Audience activations packaged for every budget

Activate your brand

Reveal new products to large audiences using live presentations & virtual streaming services

Introduce new products
Live Marketing - Total Trade Show Transformation

Top-to-bottom program reinvention featuring all digital storytelling tools

Transform your program
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